How Do You Know When It's God?

How Do You Know When It's God?

When you are lost. Ask God. He will send Holy Spirit with the answer. God will ALWAYS meet you in your faith. if ever you are unsure...

Test It In The Spirit  

Sis… How You Know ?! (Not a typo- just how I would really ask you... as your sister!)

How do you know when you are hearing from God and when you have been called to do something ? We are here to share with you .. .How?!.

Using a framework that we learned from the Christian Mindset Coach - Ashlee Record of the Purpose Corner, we are going to test it in the spirit .

Ask Yourself:
1. Does it position me to be a better servant of God?
2. Have I asked God? Have I actually sat in his presence and received an answer?
3. Will it allow people to experience God through me?

God has given us an anointing and it’s for two reasons. To serve others and to allow people to experience him through us. 1 Peter 4:10

I pray that you have been blessed by this content. Trust God Sis!

All my love,
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