God Is A Qualifier

God Is A Qualifier

God will put you in a position that you didn't apply for 

I’m talking to You Moses! He was chosen to do a great work. To free the people of Israel and lead them to the promise land. At this time Moses was a Shepard (you see what they did there?) running from his past. He worried that he wouldn’t be received well. Moses didn’t even speak well ... But God!


God will give you everything you need to walk in your divine purpose. He will elevate you above your enemies so that the world will witness his power. God will give you that job without the degree. Make you a leader , never having led, place a business concept within you never having owned a business.


Don’t limit God. If you have been called to go.. go. If you have been commissioned to do... do. We are a chosen people so its not by accident. Be obedient and submit to God’s purpose for your life. Watch the blessings start to fall like rain.


Shift from fear to faith. Woman of God greater works shall you do! When we activate our faith God is able to use us in ways that we may not have ever imagined. Each one of us has a ministry inside of us.


There is a lesson to be learned from Moses:

-Trust God and honor him as holy at all times.

-Don’t get cocky.

-Don’t act up in front of company.


As we all know, Moses did great works and Israel witnessed miracles. As God promised, Moses led the Israelites to the promise land but he was not allowed to enter because he had sinned against God. God instead allowed the blessing he should’ve seen to be lived by his children. Be obedient. Obey God and know that he will be true to his promises.


With all my love, 



Trust God Sis

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